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Our Programmes

Black Pharma’s mission to create access and enable success is embodied in our carefully curated programmes. We aim to empower individuals to take control of their careers, life, and overall health and wellbeing. Our programmes also include broader community engagements which we envisage will help drive conversations, increase representations and equitable access for all. A non-exhaustive list of our programmes are detailed below.


“Black Pharma have been instrumental in me landing a clinical research associate position. They gave me the confidence to continue with my applications, connected me with recruiters and provided me with resources to gain a better understanding of the role.”

—  Aspiring CRA, UK


“Black Pharma is the way forward-I highly recommend!! I really appreciate all the hard work, determination and dedication to ensure black professionals are represented within the Pharma/CRO industry. I am so thrilled with the support provided.” 

—  Aspiring CRA, UK


“Black Pharma have been such an inspiration and support towards my career goals. I was trying to progress but couldn't, Black Pharma helped pave the way!”

—  Clinical Study Specialist, UK


CULTIVATE - Career Accelerator Programme

The CULTIVATE programme is a transformative initiative aimed at nurturing the talents of early-career professionals within the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The programme expertly blends theoretical knowledge with practical experiences. It also leverages strategic partnerships and industry insights to foster skill developments and aligned connections with career goals and objectives. 


The Black Pharma Mentoring Programme

This flagship 6-month programme has had an unprecedented level of success across the years. In addition to the benefits of mentoring, the curated nature of the Black Pharma programme fosters mutual growth and development for all participants. We continue to leverage not only the breadth of experience within our diverse talent pool of strong mentors, but also the sponsorship, support and commitment from our diversity partners in the launch and delivery of multiple cohorts of this mentoring programme. The success stories and the excellent feedback are a testament to our innovation and continued success with this programme. 


Career Clinics

Career Clinics offer insights into our partner organisations, exploring their aims, values, and structure through open dialogue with experienced industry professionals. They provide an exclusive opportunity for our community to learn about the skills, experience, and knowledge necessary to succeed in a pharmaceutical career.

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