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Pfizer UK Undergraduate Programme 2024/2025 - MULTIPLE


Job Type

Job Function

Student Placement



On-Site or Remote


Individual salaries per position

About the Role

When  you take on one of our undergraduate placements, you become part of a  team that’s working to make the breakthroughs that change patients’  lives, all over the world.

You  join a workforce in which everyone – no matter what their job title is –  comes together to explore, discover and grow. And you help to foster an  inclusive culture in which everyone is valued for the unique  contribution they make. 

Current Vacancies

Please note that positions for September 2024 will be open for application from August 2023.

arrow icon          Business Operations

arrow icon          Business Insights & Analytics

arrow icon          Health and Value

arrow icon          Marketing

arrow icon          Medical Affairs

arrow icon          Regulatory

arrow icon          Research and Development


How do I know if I'm eligible to apply?

In order to be eligible for a placement  on our Undergraduate Programme, you must be studying for a degree at a  UK University and be based within the UK to complete your placement.

How to apply

  1. Look through the individual job descriptions to see which of our undergraduate vacancies appeal to you.

  2. Check the closing date for each job. Different positions have different dates.

  3. To apply, click on the job title of the role you’re interested in. This will take you directly to our careers site.

  4. Once you’ve been taken through to the careers site, select 'apply' and create your profile.

  5. If you apply for a second role, you’ll be able to use the same login details you created for your first application.

Note: Remember, when you  apply, you need to submit an application form and not a CV. All  applications that don’t have an application form will be rejected.

Link to application form:

About the Company

At Pfizer, we believe in pushing for excellence in everything we do.  That means working hard for our patients, our customers and our  colleagues at work – but honouring our own wellbeing, too. If you want  the opportunity to achieve, you’ll find it at Pfizer.

How to Apply

Remember, when you apply, you need to submit an application form and not a CV. All applications that don’t have an application form will be rejected.

Closing Date

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