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A crucial piece of any strong health system is its people. When most people think about the professionals who work in health care, they tend to think of doctors, nurses or pharmacists. But as technology has become more and more integrated into our lives, data analysts and informatics professionals are playing an increasingly important role in improving patient access to quality health care.


The use of technology and data is critical to achieving better health outcomes for patients and can help leapfrog health care in Africa, using innovation to accelerate the development of each country’s health system. A skilled workforce that is able to design, develop, implement and maintain health information systems is crucial to deploy these digital health solutions and generate real world data (RWD) that will enhance care, generate new treatment approaches, and ultimately, improve patient outcomes.


In Africa, the shortage of healthcare workers affects all parts of the health ecosystem, but in the data and health technology space, the skills shortage is particularly acute. To address this need and foster talent for the future, in 2020, Roche launched a Global Informatics internship program that is designed to be one solution to this challenge across the continent.


The internship’s unique curriculum is focused on using data and advanced analytics to help health systems become more effective and efficient. The program also works with interns to build a better understanding of the health data landscape in Africa, ultimately working to address data scarcity challenges across the continent and generate better data sources and databases.

The program’s model aims to foster a diverse pool of talent, and includes six students and individuals early in their careers from six different countries. Interns are paired with a global and local mentor to facilitate exposure to both global issues and local realities of data collection and usage.

With the first cohort now several months into their internship, I spoke with two of our interns and one of our mentors for their perspectives on the program and what they’re learning about data and informatics in Africa:

Applying Skills to Real World Health Situations

For Funani Mpande, one of our Data Analyst Interns, the experience is about broadening her skillset and learning the practical application of her studies, “Everyday is a new learning experience.” Funani has a degree in geography with a focus in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing, but wanted to explore data analysis further through the program. “I have learned how much more there is to science than what I was exposed to during my studies.”

One of the internship program mentors, Joshua Muriithi, also reiterated the practical skills the program helps develop in tomorrow’s data scientists. Joshua is excited to see the interns “discover the immense solutions that data science can provide in healthcare.”

One such solution is advancing personalized healthcare, which aims to tailor the diagnosis of a disease and treatments to an individual patient’s characteristics. “I am working on digital healthcare projects for personal healthcare. The objective is to understand health ecosystems in Africa, to identify why patients are not receiving the right treatment at the right time. Data is used to understand why things are the way they are, so that innovative solutions of how existing resources can be leveraged to improve the patient journey,” said Funani.

Accelerating Solutions through Data and Partnership

Another intern, Abdelkader Bouregag, spoke to the power of collaboration throughout his time in the program, even in a virtual environment. “Being a data and analytics specialist based in Algeria, I have been collaborating with colleagues from four different continents across different time-zones, in order to create better outcomes for patients through technology.”

Abdelkader has been part of the Africa Data Acceleration Squad aiming to accelerate the use of data to improve healthcare systems in Africa through digital health, personalized healthcare, and predictive modeling. With his engineering and computer science background, he has been supporting a number of projects that advance this mission.

Building a Sustainable Pipeline of Talent

As a mentor, Joshua adds the greatest part of this program is “Mentoring young data scientists into the healthcare world. And, building partnerships in research in data science with the local universities.”

Investing in health infrastructure and talent, including in the health informatics field, will not just create h

ealth systems that are built to last, it will stimulate local economies and generate jobs. This internship is one of many steps Roche is taking to foster talent in Africa, and one that we plan to continue to invest in and grow in the coming years.

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