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Clinical Research Associate Drive (PPD Thermofisher)

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Field based

Clinical Operations


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About the Role

About CRA Academy Program
Every  CRA who is new to the role or new to the organization will complete the  CRA Academy. The CRA Academy launched in 2013 to develop and train  high-quality, entry-level CRAs. Since then, more than 2,500 Academy CRAs  have been successfully placed on studies at all levels of therapeutic  area complexity, and all study phases. The CRA Academy has placed  colleagues on studies in more than 40 countries, demonstrating our  commitment to meeting the needs of customers and developing  colleagues in all regions.

Program Overview
You  now have a chance to pair your personal traits with the vast resources  at Thermo Fisher Scientific to become a world-class Clinical Research  Associate (CRA). Build a rewarding career through CRA Drive, our unique  CRA training program within the clinical monitoring career area.

Fueled  by our values - Integrity, Intensity, Innovation and Involvement -  CRA Drive empowers and prepares you to deliver life-changing therapies  to improve health on a global scale. We are devoted to the success of  our colleagues, customers and patients alike. Our program offers  multiple points of entry for individuals at various levels of experience  and is a great way to pursue your career goals.


Who is eligible for CRA Drive?

Recent Graduates
​​​​​​​If  you hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in life sciences or a clinical  research field, have completed coursework in medical terminology and  anatomy/physiology and have a strong interest in the pharmaceutical  industry, you may qualify. You can join as a Clinical Trial Coordinator  (CTC), Assistant Clinical Research Associate (ACRA), or Country Approval  Specialist (CAS) and advance to the CRA role.

Established Clinical Professionals
​​​​​​​Should  you seek a new way to apply your skills, you may thrive in this  program. Your credentials should include a clinical or medical  certification/license (i.e., RN, PharmD, M.D.) or equivalent and/or  relevant formal academic/vocational training, related experience, and/or  clinical research coordinator experience.

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