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Opening Up Roche Programme


Home based

16th May 2021

Working hard to ensure diversity & inclusivity is fundamental to Roche's success. Through a magnitude of efforts, they continue to open more doors to allow more flexibility and support for all individuals who are or want to be a part of the Roche family. Roche are proud of a multitude of programmes they've designed for early in career talent, helping them to set their foot into the industry. They have, however, realised that even with these programmes in place, not everyone will find it as easy to kick start their career, due to barriers that lay in their path.

Both internal & external forces can slow you down on your journey to unlocking your full potential. Maybe you’re experiencing imposter syndrome due to being a first generation student. Maybe you’re having to work to finance your education, thus finding it difficult to devote your full attention to studying. The barriers you face will be unique to you. But Roche really want to help you remove them, and demonstrate how they can be used as a tool to unlock key attributes whilst you discover your brilliance. Being an organization of problem solvers/ solution makers, they started thinking.... What if we could create a programme that will truly help you to remove these barriers, while at the same time supporting you in identifying & growing to love all the wonderful qualities - creativity, resilience, grit, growth mindset- that having to overcome barriers has gifted you with.

Well.. here it is!

Opening Up Roche (OUR) programme is a part-time opportunity that fits around your studies, which will give you the opportunity to work on value adding projects; supporting your personal/career development and boosting your confidence, while giving you access to the world class mentors, ensuring you unlock your fullest potential & lay foundations for a successful career.

Please only apply if you meet ANY of the following criteria:

  • BAME

  • Socioeconomically Disadvantaged

  • LGBTQ+

  • Neuro Diverse (e.g. dyslexic/autistic)

  • Disabled

If you do not fall in the criteria but this opportunity excites you then please visit the Roche website to learn more about other Internship programmes. 

The group - Roche Pharma Technical Services.

Teamplayers, Innovators, Adventurers!  Are you excited about Supply Chain and how Roche products get to patients? Do you want to be part of a truly global team and gain firsthand experience in Supply Chain and related functions? Roche Pharma Technical Services (PTS) is seeking eight candidates to work as interns. The team's role is to manufacture and distribute medicines, all the while adhering to strict regulatory and quality standards. Here are selection of typical challenges:

  • How much production capacity will we need for Alzheimer drugs in 2028?

  • How do we ensure reliable supply into China, where demand forecasts can change 200% month by month?

  • How can we deliver refrigerated products to patients` homes and maintain them in good condition…….regardless of whether home is London or Lagos?

Interns will work on a specific project and be part of a team. In 2020 Roche's two interns had to solve this question: what are the distribution options for 24 hour delivery of one of our drugs in Hong Kong and Singapore? The interns had to consider aspects of regulation, competitors, physical distribution and patient location. Included in the internship will be training on the basic concepts of the supply chain - supply, demand, distribution and planning. The interns will also be able to take advantage of Roche resources on subjects such as interviewing, making presentations, time management and more.

Duration: Two to three months from June to August 2021. The positions will be part time, allowing for students to continue with their university studies. Subject to availability, a September - December slot could be offered.

Please apply via the Roche Talent Pool, using CODE: 12345. Apply with both CV & Cover Letter. Applications without a cover letter will not be taken into consideration.

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